• Swedish
    The most classic form of massage, promoting relaxation and detoxification through basic massage techniques. This is a good massage to receive for clients new to massage therapy.

  • Medical Therapeutic Release Technique
    Consists of deep pressure along with trigger point therapy and static/isometric stretching. Trigger point therapy focuses on specific pain points on the body. This is recommended for clients with pain due to trauma and everyday activities.
  • Sports
    Often confused with deep tissue or rehab massage techniques. This technique is strictly beneficial to athletes prior to undergoing rigorous activities. Note that sports massage uses ONLY friction techniques to warm the muscles. Recommended session time is 30-45 minutes.
  • Cupping Therapy
    Traditional Chinese medicine in which special cups (silicone or glass) are placed on your skin for a few minutes at a time to create suction. This works by opening pores in the skin and creating a path for toxins to release from the muscles. Cupping therapy is beneficial for chronic pain, inflammation, asthma, rehabilitation from injury, and can help with the common cold and redistributing cellulite. It also promotes blood-flow and relaxation and is comparable to a deep-tissue massage.
  • Orbital Buffing
    Orbital buffing uses an oscillating device that adds a vigorous, penetrating, deep tissue enhancement to your massage. The benefits of it are endless! It boosts blood/lymphatic flow, stimulates collagen growth, stretches fibrous tissue which improves elasticity (which reduces cellulite), eases tension/soreness (pre/post workout), flushes out toxins/lactic acid quicker, and reduces edema (swelling).
  • Chair Massage
    Unlike a traditional massage, a chair massage provides clients the ability to receive therapeutic care for those upper extremities which love to carry tension and stress. It is a quick and convenient way to relax when you feel you've been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. You can have an effective chair massage done in as little as 15-30 minutes, making it a great solution for employers who wish to provide their employees a gesture of gratitude for their hard work, as well as promote wellness in the office environment.
  • Prenatal Massage
    Expecting a baby is usually joyful, but- to be honest- it is also stressful and can be uncomfortable. Prenatal massage therapy uses techniques designed specifically to address pregnancy’s challenges. Several research studies suggest that pregnancy massage may help to: Encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety, help alleviate muscle/joint pain, improve breathing, digestion/sleep, improve mom and baby’s health by reducing the negative impacts of stress, such as gestational hypertension, prematurity and low birth weight, help mom feel more at ease and in touch with herself and her baby, contribute to easier, shorter labors, and it feels so good! Always ask your doctor for consent prior to your prenatal session.


*Massage parties and corporate events available!


  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Hip-Hop
  • Acro/Contortion
  • Quinceañera (Call to inquire about special pricing)
  • Wedding Choreography (Call to inquire about special pricing)


*Kids birthday dance parties available!


Fitness for Troops - LA Parks and Recs

Groove Fit


Losing weight can be fun! Want a cardio workout that you can look forward to? Maybe a workout where you can burn 600-1,000 calories per session? My Groove Fit program is just what you're looking for! This is a full body exercise that is good for ALL AGES and builds endurance, coordination, and is a lot of fun. We will incorporate choreography and toning movements to create a full body workout. This will take you on a journey from the slow and rhythmic, to booty-popping club hits, changing the pace of your workout seamlessly, which promotes greater endurance and melts the fat away. You will walk out of class feeling confident, happy, and dripping in sweat!

Pilates Proformer

Pilates Plus


Developed by Sebastien Lagree, his aim was to take pilates to the next level. Many describe this workout as "pilates on steroids". This is a very intense and efficient, non-stop 45 minute full body workout, where every movement is done in a slow and controlled manner, focusing on the precision of form. This slow and controlled workout activates more muscle fibers by applying tension during the full range of motion. This activates the slow-twitch muscle fibers and increase fat-burning. Each movement during your workout will require use of your core, increasing your strength and balance. Even something as simple as a lunge will require you to stabilize yourself on the Proformer. This is a great low-impact workout. But don't think that low-impact means low intensity! You will sweat your booty off! As you get stronger, you will also increase flexibility in your muscles through elongating movements. Your body will build up endurance by allowing your muscles, heart and lungs to work longer and harder. And if all of that wasn't enough motivation, pilates promotes lean muscle tissue which will have you looking and feeling amazing.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


This workout is NOT for the faint of heart. HIIT is an extremely efficient training regimen which can increase your endurance in less time than many other forms of training. You will also burn more fat and calories, as the body continues to do so several hours after your workout has been completed because of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which has been shown to increase up to 450% after a workout. HGH is also responsible for decreasing the effects of aging. The intensity of HIIT is in its fast-paced anaerobic workout, which pushes your body beyond its limits. And it can be done anywhere with very little or no equipment. Many people fear that activities which increase endurance and promote heart health go hand in hand with the loss of muscle. HIIT is the perfect way to retain the fit body you've been working on and benefitting from an increase in endurance, a higher metabolism and ultimate loss of fat.


*Private parties and Corporate events available!

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